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About Us

About Us

Drawing inspiration from the human conscience, the experience enlivens your every sense, each offering setting your chakras free and celebrating energy in all forms!

Root Chakra

High energy upbeat music to ensure that your feet never leave the dancefloor, astonishing experiences keeping you on your toes, awakening the Root Chakra!

Solar Plexus Chakra

Rebel, rejoice, take charge of the night and let your imagination run wild as the endless possibilities for a great time awaken your Solar plexus Chakra!

Throat Chakra

Your Aura speaks louder than your words! Wild, untamed and unstoppable; Soak in the otherworldly aura as it awakens your Throat Chakra!

Crown Chakra

Your wildest imagination is now your reality at the Aura! Let your head float in the clouds and immerse yourself as we unlock your Crown Chakra!.

763-765 Harrow Road, Sudbury, Wembley HA0 2LW, United Kingdom
+44 7472464789

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